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Used Car Dealerships

Usually have a pretty terrible reputation, even in Orange County. The thought of shopping for a used car conjures up images of gravel dealership lots, pendant flags, trailers with wood paneling inside, and a big guy with a comb-over and a pair of suspenders wearing plaid pants who keeps insisting that you call him "Uncle Bobby".


Yep. That's the one.

We set out on a different mission. The question we asked ourselves was this: how can we provide the same high level of client relationship and shopping experience that we give our Audi, Infiniti and Volvo clients - on a used car as low as $5,000? Our philosophy is based on Three keystone principles:


No Hassle Shopping and Buying Process

Why is buying a used car so frustrating? Rather, why does it have to be? We're not saying it isn't a search - it always is - so how can you make it easy, and feel confident and empowered?

Our aim is simple: provide a lot of choice, give you complete pricing transparency, and make sure you drive home with a quality car that you will love for years to come.

This starts with our pricing. We price our vehicles very aggressively in the market, comparing things like Kelley Blue Book values, auction values, and of course - competitive vehicles for sale in the area. We are so confident in our pricing that we are proud to say that we offer one price and one price only.

Sure it's hard to believe coming from a used car dealership, but all you have to do is ask us and we're happy to show you everything - including the competitive pricing on cars that aren't ours!

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Three Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy for your entire ownership duration and that's why we start with picking the right used cars before putting them out for sale. But, sometimes it's nice to try something on for a day or two before you decide to keep it - especially when it's a purchase as important as the car you're driving. Even the great state of California agrees that used car buyers should be given the option to return a vehicle - they call it a two-day "Contract Cancellation Option Agreement" and it comes with some caveats.

Here at The Trade In Center we think you should have a chance to love it or leave it, so we waive the Contract Cancellation Option Agreement enrollment fee - and we add an extra day so you can be 100% sure. There are still some rules though, so be sure to read the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights in the section marked 'For Used Car Buyers Only'. Here are some highlights:

Only applies to vehicles $40,000 or less.

The Contract Cancellation Option Agreement does not apply to used cars priced at $40,000 or more, new cars, private party sales, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, or vehicles sold for business or commercial use (Does not include a pickup truck purchased for personal use).

Restocking Fee Applies

If you choose to return the vehicle, within the time specified, the dealer can charge a maximum restocking fee of:

  • $175 for a vehicle costing $5,000 or less.
  • $350 for a vehicle costing more than $5,000, but less than $10,000.
  • $500 for a vehicle costing $10,000 but less than $40,000.

Return Guidelines

The buyer must return the vehicle:

  • To the dealer where purchased by close of business within two days, or within the time-frame allowed by the contract.
  • Without exceeding the miles permitted by the contract.
  • With all original receipts of the sales and Contract Cancellation Option Agreement.
  • In the same condition as it was received, except for reasonable wear and tear and any defects or mechanical problems occurring after the buyer takes possession of the vehicle.
  • Free of all liens and encumbrances, other than any lien or encumbrance created by the sales contract.

Additional Powertrain Guarantee

In addition to our guarantee, we cover all of the used cars that we sell with an additional 30 day or 1,000 mile limited powertrain warranty. The powertrain includes things like the engine, transmission, differentials, and the like. Why? We've heard too many stories of good people buying cars off of less reputable used car lots, turning the corner, and having the transmission fall apart. That shouldn't be you. One of our associates is happy to explain the details further; please call or contact us.

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One Price Policy

Simple. Fast. Fair. Used cars are a little bit like Wall Street: You have to be watching the market every day. Our used cars and trucks are priced daily to the market - meaning we look at how many similar cars are nearby, how they're priced, what the Kelley Blue Book values of the car is, and about 10 other data points to make a decision on why a vehicle should be priced where it is. We don't over-inflate our prices so that you feel compelled to haggle and negotiate. Let's just skip that part and go straight to a fair, fast, and easy deal that you can feel great about.

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Why Call It "The Trade In Center"?

Our franchise dealerships, Audi Mission Viejo, Infiniti of Mission Viejo and Volvo Mission Viejo, take in a lot of vehicles that our clients trade in. Because our branded stores have grown so much over the years, we were running out of space to keep our inventory of quality used cars. So this is where our Trade-Ins come for their second life: The Trade In Center!

In opening The Trade-In Center we wanted to accomplish a few goals, namely:

  1. Make more room on our franchise lots. With the Audi, Infiniti and Volvo brands gaining popularity in the market, our dealerships have experienced consistent increase in demand and have stocked up on more on-brand cars to meet that demand. Without any more acreage to work with, we had to expand to another building.

  2. Give our customers more options. By consolidating our used cars and trucks from multiple lots, it puts apples with apples. When you look at a $18,000 used car at The Trade-In Center, we can show you five or six similar cars that fit that same budget, saving time.

  3. Keep a high standard of customer service. The Trade-In Center isn't a run-down old shack of a dealership. It's a beautiful building kept in good repair. The people are friendly and don't smell like onions and fried cheese sandwiches. We use the same principles and practices as at our big brand name stores.

Long story short, we're looking to make relationships - not pull a fast one for a quick buck. It all starts with the principles handed down from our family-ownership: find someone a car like they're a relative that you're going to have to sit through Thanksgiving dinner with.

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Who We Are

The Trade-In Center is part of the GSM Auto Group, a locally owned and operated family of dealerships run by brothers Matt and Scott Gunderson. The Trade-In Center is a used car offshoot of the group's franchise dealerships: Audi Mission Viejo and Infiniti of Mission Viejo, which are both also located on Marguerite Parkway.

Our approach to buying a used car or preowned truck is simple: one part Attitude, one part Information. We're a family owned dealership - service to our community is our attitude; it's why we share everything we know about our used cars. No guessing, no games - just smart decisions.

Be sure to visit our staff page and get to know us face to face.


How It Works

When people come to our Audi or Infiniti dealership they're usually pretty set on what brand and model car they want. But what if you're shopping for any reliable used truck, used SUV, or used car that fits in your budget? The advantage at The Trade-In Center is that we have many makes and models - so if you come to us with $5,000 or $50,000 or more, we'll be able to show you many different preowned vehicles that would work for you.

So let's say you're looking for a used Honda Civic and you've got $12,000 to spend. Wouldn't you like to see a comparable Accord - or maybe a Toyota that fits the same budget?

Ultimately we want to make sure you're confident in your selection - which is also why our staff is happy to help you understand the details of our three day money-back guarantee.


How Do We Pick Our Used Cars?

Most of our used cars and used trucks come from our existing Audi and Infiniti clients when they trade them in; we get an amazing variety of trades - our job is to hand-pick the best of them. When deciding whether to keep a car or let it go we consider the vehicle source (Existing client? Local car? One owner?), the condition (Clean inside and out? Clean title and CARFAX? Accidents?), and most importantly the market value (Is this car a good match for a student? For a young family?).

And remember, to back up our quality standard we stand by our used cars with a three day money-back guarantee and a no-hassle buying process. Some exclusions apply, so ask for complete details.

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Orange County's premier used car super store. We have over 300 used cars in inventory. We offer a 3 day money back guarantee as well as a No Haggle, No Hassle purchase process.
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